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Such a partial compensation for pain and suffering is always appropriate if the opposing insurance company does not pay the advance despite a clear liability situation and the treating physicians cannot yet conclusively assess whether there will be lasting health consequences and how long the treatment will continue. Opting for the best lawyers is the best choice now.

If further health impairments occur later as a result of the accident, the injured party can claim further compensation for pain and suffering. You can go for the injury lawyer near me there.

Eligibility By Other Persons

Claims for pain and suffering are

  • transferable,
  • heritable,
  • distrainable

They can also be asserted by third parties against the injuring party or its liability insurance. Injured parties can therefore assign claims for pain and suffering to third parties, who then become the owner of the claim. A professional lawyer is all you need to have.

Treatment Costs

After an accident at work (often commuting), the statutory accident insurance (e.g. employer’s liability insurance association) covers the entire treatment costs. As part of the statutory accident insurance, the injured person may also receive treatments that are not usually covered by the health insurance companies. The right law firm can offer you the best lawyer.


If the injured person becomes unable to work due to the accident, his employer will continue to pay the salary as a continued payment for a period of 6 weeks, so that the injured party will not suffer loss of earnings if they are unable to work for up to 6 weeks. The law firms are there for the perfect choice.

  • However, the injured party’s employer can claim the wages paid “for free” as damage from the person who caused the accident.
  • If the accident-related incapacity for work extends beyond 6 weeks, the injured party receives sickness benefit from their health insurance for up to 18 months.
  • Since the sickness benefit only corresponds to 70% of the net salary, the injured party can ask the injured party to compensate the difference of 30% as loss of earnings.

The health insurance company claims the expenses incurred by the sickness benefit independently against the injured party. You need an attorney for these works.

If the accident-related incapacity to work extends beyond the sick pay period, the injured party is generally entitled to compensation for the entire loss of earnings, since it must be presented as if the accident had not occurred. The perfect works are done by the attorneys.

The employment loss includes, among other things

  • the “normal” salary,
  • Difference between sickness benefit and salary,
  • Holiday pay,
  • Christmas bonuses,
  • Overtime pay,
  • Shift differentials,
  • Hardship allowances,
  • capital accumulation benefits,
  • Travel money
  • Employee discounts,
  • Gratuities,
  • insurance law disadvantages,
  • Pension reduction.

The injured party has to take into account the benefits / savings that result from the fact that he or she cannot work due to an accident. The legal supports are there.

The following advantages / savings are taken into account:

  • saved travel costs to the workplace,
  • saved additional catering costs,
  • saved purchase of work clothes,
  • saved cleaning of work clothes,
  • saved additional costs of double housekeeping,
  • Tax savings through tax-free or tax-privileged social benefits.


If the injured person is an entrepreneur, the calculation of the loss of employment is much more complicated. It is crucial how the business and the profit of the injured person would have developed without the accident. With this hypothetical view, the courts often use an expert to be able to reliably take all relevant factors into account. You need the best options there.

With this prognosis, the injured party benefits from easier evidence. An exact and detailed forecast of the hypothetical development of the profit is therefore not expected. However, the injured party must make the claimed profit expectation credible and based on comprehensible facts, which must also be provable.

If there are no tangible indications of extraordinary business success or failure, it can be assumed that the victim’s business would have developed on average.

The self-employed also benefit from benefits that result from the fact that business cannot continue due to injury which includes:

  • saved VAT,
  • saved income tax,
  • saved business tax
  • saved travel costs.

Work Accident

If there is an accident at work, such as a commuting accident, the statutory accident insurance (e.g. employer’s liability insurance) largely assumes the loss of earnings of the injured person. The injured person receives an injury allowance equal to 80% of the previous salary. In severe cases, an injured person’s pension can be claimed. This is the case if, due to the accident, the earning capacity has been significantly reduced (20% or 30%) for a longer period (more than 26 weeks). If you are looking for an injury lawyer near me, contact our sponsor Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C.!


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